We are a business with bright ideas and a great team of "Lumeneers" (lighting pioneers). Our goal is to establish ourselves as a leading authority on all aspects of lighting. We believe through innovative thinking, excellent customer service and a solid long term growth plan we can achieve this…


Gareth, Bryce and Kyle

Light is our life… The Team is always on hand to meet with our Customers, discuss application requirements and propose suitable technical solutions.  If you have any enquiries regarding bespoke lighting solutions, or would like to understand more about how we can assist you with your project luminaire and lighting requirements, please get in touch via



Basi, Pearl, Phumlile and Lee

This Team makes Light work… Our dedicated internal sales and Customer liaison Team are on hand to attend to all enquiries, ensuring best possible pricing, for the most suitable products are obtained for Swanlite’s valuable Customers. Drop them an email for a quick response to a BOQ or an already defined shopping list of items via



Donne and Lorienne 

Continued growth and investment back into the business requires 'Green Backs'… To keep control on this vital aspect of the organization requires balancing the numbers and ensuring our accounts are always up to date. For all accounting related queries, please contact


Andrew, Nathi and Anele

See the Light… This is where passion for light infused with creativity & technology, produces ergonomic, energy efficient, customized design solutions, tailored to individual application and Customer requirements.

Using leading edge industry applications the team are able to design and render full 3D images, for conceptualization, of potential lighting solutions and layouts. This is how we get to see the LIGHT before it’s installed, understand the electricity consumption and determine the aesthetics.



Mlondi and Richard

At the speed of Light… This Team is responsible for making it happen and getting product to our Customers timeously. From balancing the numbers, to quality controlling the stock the Team are on hand to deliver an exceptional Customer experience.