Swanlite has an established team of designers, familiar with all manners of lighting layout and design. Utilizing latest software packages such as Dialux, AutoCAD and Revit we are able to produce, accurate and to scale lighting schemes with full 3D Renders and Calculations.  Our team is geared to work on any type of project, we will attend site, Audit, Photograph and Design to either your brief or use our wealth of knowledge and experience to make recommendations.

  • Street Light Layout Design
  • Interior Luminaire Design
  • Exterior Luminiare Design
  • ISO Line and LUX Level Calculations

Swanlite also offers a ‘collaborative’ design structure whereby we are able to partner with specifiers to assist with professional lighting designs and presentations.



Automation means that your systems can be controlled from a centralized point, set to switch on and off at designated times (ie scheduling), dim down and up at specific points in a day, make use motion sensors and light sensors, to providing suitable reporting and a more cost efficient installation.

Swanlite is able to provide lighting control systems that make it not only easier to manage your lighting but produce a far more efficient lighting experience. Swanlite’s experience in this field also encompasses building management systems, which is a computer-based control system installed in buildings that controls and monitors the building's mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems.

Swanlite offers a range of DALI compatible luminaire and sensor products for full automation integration.