Swanlite is the proud, official distributor and supplier of all THORN and ZUMTOBEL Lighting products to the Sub Saharan Africa region. We have an exclusive and long established relationship with our colleagues and partners on both sides of their business. With an exceptional knowledge and understanding of their products we are ideally positioned to assist in specifying and supplying their products into both local and international projects.

In addition to the above we are also proud to work with several other globally recognized suppliers of luminaire product lines, such as Vosloh-Schwabe.

Swanlite realizes that supporting local business and local manufactures is incredibly important for the growth and success of our own South African economy. As such not only are we partnered with local manufacturer’s, who manufacture specific product under license to us but we also source and procure from other local entities where ever possible.  Over the years, we have established strong strategic relationships with a host of top quality local suppliers from luminaire production to fabrication and installation services.

Quality is paramount to our success and we insist on thoroughly testing and investigating all luminaire offerings before considering them as a product offering.

Products and Services

  • Lighting Designs: Computerized lighting layout schemes with accurate results.
  • Lighting Luminaires: Interior and exterior, architectural, commercial, decorative and industrial luminaires, Streetlights. Floodlights – ALL available in LED.
  • Building Automation Solutions and Sensors. Fully integrated and/or standalone.
  • Lamps: Various lamps that are suitable for use in Swanlite’s range of luminaires and other applications.
  • Control Gear and LED Drivers: Various control gear and LED drivers that are suitable for use in Swanlite’s range of luminaires and other applications.
  • Poles & Masts: Both fibre glass and hot dipped galvanized in all sizes, to meet any requirement and to accommodate various lighting luminaire configurations.

“At Swanlite we take the welfare of our Customers extremely seriously. To this end and in the unlikely event of a misfortune occurring, Swanlite has diligently incepted a range comprehensive short-term insurance products to mitigate any risks that occur in our industry. Written confirmation of the various covers in place are available on request.”

“As a professional organisation, Swanlite’s lighting designs are both copyright protected and supported with Professional Indemnity Liability (limited to R5 million for any single claim), provided Swanlite’s design specified luminaires are supplied and installed, in accordance with our design. Should an increased limit be required, a written request can be made and Swanlite shall purchase this on a Customer’s behalf.”


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