7 May 2021, Friday

urbaUrba is a LED urban lantern exclusively designed by world renowned architects, city planners and designers, Wilmotte & Industries.

Jean-Michel Wilmotte from Wilmotte & Industries says: “The task was to develop a new range of contemporary, economic, innovative and versatile luminaires respecting the environment and surroundings. Our aim was to create a contemporary design that respects but at the same time enhances the surroundings with improved quality of light. This resulted in a new type of luminaire with minimalist styling and clean lines with an original light signature that is consistent with the design and brings more visual comfort.”

Corinne Delor, Global Product Manager at Thorn, says: “Urba combines Thorn’s vision for an understated, minimalist luminaire with Wilmotte & Industries’ vision for urban lighting. The result is an elegant design with minimalist styling. Combined with contrasting colour tones and dichroic glass, Urba is sympathetic with both modern and traditional environments.”

Sophisticated by day and creating a unique lighting signature by night, Urba brings comfort and a welcoming ambience to the urban life through the quality and shape of its light emitting surface. As well as placing light precisely with no waste (ULOR=0), two dedicated optics are optimised for very low disability glare, compliant with G6 class. A version with prismatic glass is also available for pedestrian applications to limit obtrusive light significantly.

This versatile urban LED lantern is suitable for many urban applications from pedestrian and cycle lanes to minor and main urban roads. Available in two sizes up to 15 000 lumens with nine light distribution choices, Urba provides efficient LED lighting (up to 100Llm/W) to illuminate the urban landscape and fulfil EN13201 lighting classes for S, CE and Me lighting classes. With three mounting options (post top, wall or lateral mounting) and a wide choice of coordinated short and long brackets and columns, Urba is a complete and fully harmonised urban lighting solution for new and renovation, street and road projects. Urba’s integrated control options include stand-alone dimming, remote control and presence detection. Operating costs are further reduced by a long lifetime of up to 100 000 hours @B10L70.

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